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Mike and Greg

Meet Mike Baird & Greg Herlean

Mike and Greg have teamed up together with one mission: to educate the American public on the methods and strategies that they can utilize to take control of their financial future to obtain wealth and security for themselves and for their families.

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Flip Bank Live Education

Flip Bank Live is founded on 6 key core competencies which include: private banking, real estate, entrepreneurship, wealth management, personal development, and positive impact.

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The Ultimate Flip Bank Live Experience

Spending 5 days and 4 nights With Mike and Greg anywhere will change your business and put you on a path to Flip Bank Live.

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Money Moments

Money Moments

Money Moments with Mike Baird & Greg Herlean are educational videos based in real estate and private banking to provide the stepping stones toward financial wealth.

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Get the Book

Whether you are an experienced real estate investor or an aspiring real estate investor, FLIP, BANK, LIVE is a book that you absolutely cannot be without! Click here to get your copy.

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Customer Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Read what Mike & Greg’s clients have to say about FLIP, BANK, LIVE

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