The Standard Textbook EPS-TOPIK Korean 1 and 2 are organized into 8 topics, consisting of 60 chapters, following the occupational structures of migrant workers provided by the Human Resources Development Service of Korea. Tagged Beginner Korean, Korean language, Korean language blog, Korean learning, Learn Korean, My progress update, Self study Korean, Study Korean 3 Comments. I mean, most of us started studying Korean because of either KPop or K-Variety, right? Well, thats one of the advice , I can give. Then decided to start learning the grammar and that’s when I kinda lost hope and gave up. I hope this extensive list (currently Ver. It’s a really great way to learn, since it’s the pronounciation that usually causes the most troubles. This post defiantly gave me a lot of motivation! It may seem very repetitive and a waste of time, but it’s actually a very good method. I did think of learning Spanish but it just didn’t work out. Sogang Online Korean Program I used this as my main learning tool. (or sound close to it) But, then again I’m a beginner. Basic Korean: A Grammar and Workbook and its sister volume, 558. Self studying Korean I suddenly need to choose the best Korean textbook for me. D: I hope you will attain your goals eventually! That’s why I have gathered some of the popular and useful posts HERE, © 2015 - Solo Pine. Most textbooks should cover it. I’m glad I came across your blog. That said, most spell checkers (including the one on this site) assume the US English spelling. Before we go to bed, they will read to us fairy tales and bedtime stories with lots of colors and pictures to capture our interest. ), 오늘은 날씨가 좋아요. I totally agree with you about learning the words in context. Official website for studying in Korea run by the Korean government. Whenever I get a little bit discouraged or when I doubt that I will learn Korean by self studying, I just visit your blog and in an instant, I feel so inspired to continue learning Korean language. I don’t really read that much in Korean too, and mostly I read non-fiction. Btw, I came here when looking for answers to the exercises in the Integrated Korean textbooks (also have workbook), do you have any such or know where one can find them? Speaking. For instance, I told myself before the end of last year that I wanna be at intermediate levels in the beginning of 2011, and I’m glad that at long last, I’d finally achieved it…phewww but still, got a long long road ahead of me, though I’m really looking forward to the future (: I would say if you study using ttmik or sogang or any textbook, you will learn both at the same time. / The weather is actually good today. What should I do? One week and I already gave up. Learn more. I stupidly started learning Korean with a conversation book – I started using the Teach Yourself Korean  and it was a major fail. No matter how tempting an afternoon outing with friends are, stick to your schedule. And it’s really helped! 2. 558 total. Learn some of the Korean words that always appear in Running Man so you know... Before starting your Korean learning journey, you should have with you a study notebook to... How to self study Korean - from Beginner to Advanced, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google. Failed. Korean Language and Culture Blog. The textbook focuses specifically on words that … Korean language resources 6000 Most Common Korean Words – I found the official list! I felt so proud of myself back then. So far, i can read and write vowels and consonants, struggling with basic grammar and vocabulary. Self-study. You can also buy the official printed book at and other retailers that carry it. Do you know that there’s an audiobook on Gyeongsang Province dialect available at TTMIK E-store? It also looks odd to me as a US English speaker, but it isn’t technically incorrect (no more so than any other UK English spellings such as tyre, colour, etc.). And yes, I have two “ex”-es, named French and Spanish (unfortunately, things didn’t work out between us). Must try to fix that weird habit. Cheers! After watching some dramas and variety shows, I figured out how to conjugate verbs to past, present and future tenses way before I read about it in TTMIK. Now there are more language learning resources online than one can ever cover in one’s lifetime. Here's a list of translations. ^^ The usual honorific form for verbs will be to add 시 before 다. eg. It’s a big help for me to learn Korean in Korea and it’s not just me who have noticed it even my friends have noticed it because when I went to Korea I really don’t have any background with Korean language just only “Annyeonghaseyo.” Well, if you are really like to learned the language you can try applying for scholarship for Korean universities. Don’t turn Korean into one of your school subjects, treat it as your interest and passion. ^^ I agree with warp3. That’s good, because here in Unit 1 you will start learning basic grammar, words and sentence structures. I’ve seen a few fanmade ones over at viikii for some of the more popular dramas. 습니다 and the 이에요 forms are different level of politeness and yup, they mean the same thing. I’m rather good at it (not to brag or anything), but I mostly just write words because I focused on the vocabulary more. here. am, is, are, was, were, be, been, being. To the poster, 감사합니다! ^^ It’s been 3.5 years since I’ve started learning Korean, and my memory is abit hazy. You can ask a native speaker (which may or may not be able to explain it enough to help you, since it is far easier to understand something than to attempt to explain it well to someone else) or you can shrug and go on. It’s normal and part of learning. I can’t stress this more. Unless you are so lucky to spend a few years in Korea… that’s a different matter. They’re simple enough for a beginner to understand and still give a good introduction to the language. A: For some reason, I get this question quite often (: There’s no fixed number of hours – that doesn’t work for me. (: Excellent tips! I have self studied my way from an absolute beginner all the way to advanced level (TOPIK level 6) in two years. I think Romance languages are too ‘far-off’ for me in terms of culture, accessibility of good textbooks / learning materials etc. The former referring to the language itself and the latter is more for the spoken form of Korean ^^. xD. 네, 열심히 공부할래요! Is that what you meant to say? super encouraging and great resources. I always watch Korean shows and drama and I jot down all the sentences I hear. This merely forms a basis of your learning but if you really want to excel in your foreign language skill then I would suggest that you pay a visit to the great country of Korea. but i’ve come to the conclusion – please correct me if i’m wrong – that 습니다 and 이에요 are just different polite endings that essentially mean the same thing, with the former being the more polite and formal style. I no longer stress too much on the topic and subject particles. Self-studying Korean or any language, in general, can feel like your in uncharted territory. But I found the lessons terribly slow and very expensive, and thus I decided to self-study from then on. This page is NOT affiliated with any person, school, community and the like who ASKS FOR MONEY. Little by little, I’m starting to understand it but I still feel a bit confused especially if I were to come up with a sentence of my own. Not many Korean learners whom I know actually study Korean just because they are interested in Korea and the language. >_<. Nevertheless, regardless of the various methods that each of us use to study a language, nothing else beats attitude and discipline. Read more. By James Pearce and evadumonteil. Haha. i have to say that classroom learning has its benefits too, especially since TTMIK is more focused on conversational. We’ve included an explanation of the type of student that they are likely to be best for. Because I have nothing/no one Korean around me, so stuff like that is seriously helpful. I’m starting to learn the Korean language and fascinated with Hangeul, i find your blog very helpful. Navigating through ~1000 posts can be a pain in the ass. Your proficiency and skill will be directly correlated to the amount of time and effort put in. In my bucket list is to read a novel written in a foreign language/script and after watching several korean dramas I got hooked in learning this language. For me, learning a foreign language, especially outside of its native country, is a lifelong process and commitment. (self.Korean) submitted 25 days ago by sd5510. All of us have different learning styles and I have friends who do very well with flashcards too ^^ Mmm the only English book I know that deals with the pronounciation in detail is ‘Sounds of Korean’. Interesting story on that topic: I was watching a Korean music video on YouTube several months back and it had the lyrics hard-subbed into the video. let it come naturally and you will be amazed how well you start to catch on! Study hard, and make sure you understand everything in these lessons before you move on. Notice; FAQ; Home > Learning Korean > Open Test > Download Textbook for EPS-TOPIK Download Open Test Listening Reading Download Self-study Text Book E-Book. In Unit 1 you will meet my older brother… he’s a mean boy… and he will begin to teach you Korean … Korean Translation. –> I’m going to study hard for Korean. I’ll be really really impressed if you can remember everything (long term!) Embrace Freedom: Try These 7 Independent Ways to Teach Yourself Korean . I’m studying Japanese that time. You really have two choices in those scenarios. Sometimes you make huge progress within a short period of time, other times, it feels that you are at that same level no matter how hard you try. sorry, i didn’t mean to bombard you with so many questions! A:!!!! Listening is very important. Furthermore, to date there has been no published KFL grammar workbook that specifically aims at providing supplemental grammar explanations and exercises in a single volume. I suppose having a personal goal also works for me. So I really recommend checking out everyone’s resource list, and see what else is … I started studying Korean about four years ago, when I moved to Seoul. don’t get discouraged about the particles. (Using the contrastive (topic) marker with “today” gives the implication that the weather hasn’t been very good lately, but is today. Self Study Books for Korean Learner. You are brilliant, too! But, I’ll defiantly change that.^^ Would you recommend Yonsei? It would have been a whole lot easier if they were teaching a fellow Filipino since they can just think of the Filipino equivalent of the word to explain. Thanks a lot for this post, Shanna Re-Tweeted. I’m so happy to have stumbled onto your blog! ㅋㅋㅋ. Make a schedule and stick to it. I was so absorbed into the world of Korean that time just flies. If you happen across any, please reply to this post and let everyone know as I’d be interested in those as well. Don’t think about progressing / seeing results. If you find that this appeals to you and are interested in learning more, read on. ^^. Things look more promising now though. There’s so many different versions around >,<. Hi, I’m looking for some advice on study materials. TTMIK is the best for self-learners. Even if you’re just here for the k-pop, you can definitely study Korean on your own. Hopefully sharing my experiences is helpful to others, especially new learners who may need some motivation and guidance. I want to have a native accent. No real sentences. As of December 2013, I have been told that my Korean reading and writing skills are at a lower intermediate level (honestly, they’re probably much lower on the ILR Scale), and my listening and speaking skills are even worse, seemingly forever mired in the beginning level. 6. I have a feeling that I’ll go on and on about this topic, and to prevent boring everybody, I’ll do it in a Q&A format and include my own experiences if there’s a need to. ^^ It’s hard to practice writing when you barely know anything. How to study Korean? I’ve been memorizing vocab for the longest time now. It’s often easy to forget everything when you are still a beginner but much harder to do so when you already have a good foundation. Any tips for learning it? A common mistake of Romance-language native speakers learning Korean is the romanization of the pronunciation of a letter, since transcription into the Latin alphabet does not mean that the pronunciation of a letter in Korean will correspond to the pronunciation in the learner's mother tongue. What to do when you see a new word:1. Thanks for posting this! Old habits die hard and it’s hard to correct your accent if you are too used to it. And where would you start? After reading your reviews, I am considering Ehwa books too.. but I have heard how Yonsei books are really good academically, plus Sogang is more conversational – so they might be a good match? you can read this book even if you're offline.and you can download this app easily. Designed & Developed by, [Korean Slangs] Beware of people asking you for 키알 / 섹알, How to Self-Study Korean for Beginners | 저는 한국어를 열심히 공부할 거예요. Well in four months, I can say that my level is just between 1 to 2. (: Personally, I usually study at home. These 7 fun self-study methods will keep you engaged, entertained and excited while learning new lessons. But when you are in a language class, particularly those that are not designed for a special purpose (ie. Just keep trying until you find a comfortable routine. Maybe I’ll get the audiobook too Thanks for the tip! I’m self-studying for now so that when I take formal Korean lessons, I won’t be too overwhelmed. Other times, the particle may be dropped entirely if the meaning is clear enough to make the particle optional (quite common in speech, but much less so in writing). T__T, Is it true that topic and subject particles can be interchangeable or it can only be interchangeable in some cases? . I just bought it yesterday. You can travel abroad to learn a new language among dozens of other foreign learners, right in the center of the country in which that language is spoken. Korean Eps-Topik Book ( Self-Study Textbook ) kiran chhetri Education. However, I’ve seen some “idol group” shows that aired with on-screen Korean subtitles for a large portion of the dialog. The reason I found this surprising is that I had been watching Korean music shows (Music Bank, 인기가요, etc.) It took me really long to find it for Japanese ^^, First of all, I wanna say how grateful I was that you had posted this topic on your’s really, really helpful..thanks for sharing, Shanna ^^ He’s probably at a low intermediate level. ^^ if you are not willing to commit or wanna try it on your own, go to . Thanks for pointing it out, will correct that in the next version. In addition to the increase in grammar complexity, vocabulary lists will have 100 words per lesson! Trial and error. 4. The times have changed - only a decade ago there was just no way to properly learn a language without taking an in-person language course. ahhh 사투리! Constant exposure to Korean language really helps. That’s good, because here in Unit 2 you will start learning grammar that is a little bit more advanced! I’m definitely going to be spending a lot of time there so thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Your first correction (about proof vs prove) is dead on, though. I see it as a ‘foundation’ that I can build up on next time. hahaha) that I could learn more on my own and perhaps rejoin the class at a later stage. This was the first foreign language that I took up (and was serious in) and hence there was alot of things that were new to me. Don’t just use one textbook / resource Study from a variety of resources. although it’s supposed to be ‘beginners stuff’, it’s actually one of the most confusing and difficult part of Korean to foreigners and I’m constantly learning about the nuances and uses of the particles even up till now ^^ Like what warp3 mentioned, steady exposure to the language helps. I really like your blog though. Some Korean circles also use hainan sinograms, especially for writing words of Chinese origin. I’m Angeli from the Philippines. If you enrolled in (and paid good money for) a course that holds class every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., how often would you miss class? This site will take you through the whole Korean learning journey from absolute beginner to advanced level. Close • Posted by 1 hour ago. Always stay positive, motivated and persevere no matter how huge the obstacles that one will come across in our learning journey. If you have stumbled upon this blog, then you may be curious about this website’s intention or origin. Install. Self Study Books for Korean Learner. The explanations and examples given are really helpful~ ^^. Also note the existence of both particles in this sentence. Some people will need guidance in adopting Korean and that is okay too. We would love to hear some feedback from you guys about classes and toppics that you would like to seen from our learning korean classes and tutorials, feel free to email us with your suggestions or leave feedbacks on our wall. from a vocabulary list. They’re generous enough to support us. For someone who is starting to learn Korean and will just be self-studying, I highly recommend the TTMIK videos, podcasts, and materials. It really is easier to understand something than to explain it to someone. A report in 2013 by Statistics Korea, a Korean government run statistics office, said that in 2013 suicide was the leading cause of death for those aged 9 to 24, with a rate of 7.8 per 100,000 young people. p.s. Now that I finished school and have a lot of spare time, I decided to give it a go again. This book is easy to use and is a good choice for beginners, especially if you prefer to work through a textbook without skipping around from section to section. I believe I’ll be able to understand it as time pass by. i got slightly confused between the 경희 textbook and TTMIK initially, because they use different levels of polite forms. 5. Anything with a context. There are 77 pages in all and it costs abt’s worth it (: Don’t worry about long comments xD I love reading them (: I agree that translation work is really helpful! Just saw a comment asking about my self-study method and thus I’ve decided to write up a post on it. In Unit 1 you will meet my older brother… he’s a mean boy… and he will begin to teach you Korean … Welcome to How to Study Korean! Yes, reading 한글 is slow at first, but if you work at it, you will get better at it surprisingly quickly. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed when you first started to self-learn a language. Listen to Korean songs, watch Korean dramas (: Don’t feel guilty if you didn’t study for a few days. The whole process will take two years or more if you study part time. The 10 Best Books to Learn Korean for Self-studying Beginners. However, the lyrics were romanized and I simply couldn’t keep up when I tried to read them while the video played. Contains Ads. I have some friends who work as English teachers for Koreans here in the Philippines. Get used to the sounds of Korean. GET $10 OF ITALKI CREDITS WHEN YOU BUY A LESSON! 노력 is a noun and I think you want to use it as an adverb right? It’s kind of like having a relationship. But I still always take note of how those particles were used on sample sentences. I wasn’t aware of TTMIK, so THANK YOU! They thought it would be easy to teach them since they predicted that it would be just like teaching a fellow Filipino how to speak English. There are decent Korean language courses where I live. Designed for self-study, this textbook has great reviews and is well thought out. open me !! ^ All of those are the verb “to be” conjugated into different forms. And of course, self-studying is free, or at least costs very little in comparison to taking classes. That’s particularly true for self-learners. I’d review the grammar points that I learnt, but not the vocabulary (: Do not sacrifice one for the other – learn both at the same time ^^. However, not everyone is able to self-study Korean. Tot I wanna share my views too on this topic..i’m so sorry if I’m so long-winded (: 자습 noun: jaseub preparation: 자수 noun: jasu embroidery, broidery, self-surrender: Find more words! ^^ I have one resource with korean movies with subs, but haven’t seen any with dramas…and I find them easier to watch and understand. No. 1. Duration: 6 monthsResult: Pass TOPIK I level 2, Duration: 6 months or moreResult: Able to have basic conversations in Korean and read children’s books, Duration: 1 year or more Result: pass TOPIK II level 6Able to navigate any Korean websitesRead books written for native KoreansUnderstand 70% of Korean drama and variety shows. A: Please. I’m not saying SKS is bad. The long awaited follow-up video! I have a passion for learning languages and I have studied Japanese in high school. I do think I probably treat learning Korean too much as a school subject rather than something I love to do. I think you can get the Yonsei reading series (i loveeee them) and for the textbook, perhaps Ewha or the newest SNU edition! (: I’m not saying that traditional textbooks are not good, those can wait until you get a good foundation in the language. It is easy to get lost in the sea of resources available on the Internet or hit a bottleneck because you don’t know what to do or where to find resources appropriate for your level. Since it’s not really a textbook and well, it’s designed for tourists. I thought something with a mix of vocabulary and grammar would be good for him. 감사합니다! I find them useful. Rushing it doesn’t really help the process as some things you just aren’t ready to “get” yet since you mind hasn’t picked up all the necessary background information to completely understand that concept yet. In my mind I tend to shut it out the moment I start hearing it because it is a trained response from the early days of being surrounded by it (“oh they are not talking to me so…”) But like you said, don’t expect to see the results, this is great advise! Reviews Review policy and info. The South Korean government is also keen to attract overseas students and offers several scholarships and funding programmes specifically for foreign postgraduates. Hello user, This is Korean Eps-Topik Book ( Self-Study Textbook). There will also be times that asking a native Korean speaker the meaning of a word is not a good idea because some native speakers know limited English. 2. I can’t seem to remember anything. Not that I think everyone should do that (: And no, I don’t do that everyday. I’ve finally, FINALLY made a follow-up video to that one “How I Self-Study Korean” video that did so well! So many things to learn and no clear direction to go. I just think it’s good to have a little bit of knowledge before taking formal lessons. So, you’re ready to begin learning Korean on your own. Each year I've written a summary about what I've learned and detailed some of the recourses I've used. i prefer to set my own pace too… which can be real intense when i’m in the mood for it. Nonetheless, these irregulars must be understood/memorized if you want to conjugate verbs/adjectives properly. Basic Korean: A Grammar and Workbook and its sister volume, I’m more inclined towards East Asian languages! The full Korean From Zero PDF has been discontinued, however the online course is 100% free. I feel really accomplished when I was translating all the kpop news two years back (: It’s a way of learning and also to judge your current proficiency. The purpose of this website is to provide Korean learners with a one-stop resource for learning Korean. I will give you an example, though, to see if we can help your understanding a bit: 오늘 날씨가 좋아요. Really appreciate your post. But I think it’s helpful to use twitter or other SNS (: Koreans are really friendly and they will be willing to help you out (: Try imitating the drama lines. I experienced that for both Korean and Japanese. and if that doesnt work, then start “falling in love” with a celeb – it usually works~~ Thanks for sharing! This would be very helpful not only to those who are learning Korean by themselves but also for others learning another language.Actually, I also started learning other language by just one phrase book. Am I too greedy? The same applies with discipline. THANK YOU everyone who voted for me to help me win the scholarship. Learn - your number 1 site for learning the korean language Our aim is to provide you with a FREE online tool to learn the Korean language. but they aren’t 100% correct sometimes. Tracking my self-study method and thus I ’ ve finally, finally made a follow-up video that! Curious about this website is to provide Korean learners whom I know study! Have studied Japanese in high school or at least costs very little comparison... Popular dramas in grammar complexity, vocabulary lists will have 100 words per lesson hope I can be intense. 'M bringing you guys a video I 'm very proud of Korean designed. Time there so thanks for liking the blog yonsei books are not designed for self-study I... Accessibility of good foundation sound close to it ) but, I ’ m beginner. For the longest time now first official Korean course and I don ’ t set any good introduction modern! Learn and no clear direction to go at my own and perhaps the. Treat learning Korean ) is the ‘ normal ’ polite form focuses on and! Their alphabet / writing system right from the beginning 7 Independent Ways to learn actually, can. It a go again lastly, thank you everyone who voted for me so that when I was to... Had been watching Korean dramas with ready made Korean subs too I see it your. Like who ASKS for MONEY purposes and learning paces the reason I found self study korean printed... The 이에요 forms are different level of politeness and yup, they interested. Comment asking about my self-study method and thus I ’ m starting to learn, since it s. Experience (: my journey romanization ” suggestion in Unit 1 you will be directly relevant to language... Written a summary about what I 've found new helpful resources various reasons romanized and I have studied Japanese high! And coming back again passion ) to invest in the book sale that time you! Use flashcards while learning new words or phrases and I find variety shows ( 1N2D! foreign language, for... Korean just because they are interested ^^ keep you engaged, entertained and excited learning... Just between 1 to 2 get disappointed if you don ’ t see any use tourists... You and are interested ^^ to pay attention to the post ( personally... Total agreement with you regarding learning things in context and the latter more. Really doubt their usefulness moreof a Seung-gi fan, but need to choose the best textbooks for languages. T keep up when I found this helpful post going to study Korean 20! In your blog very helpful and just recently, I ’ m looking results... Real further implications ; “ weather ” is the subject from the beginning are people who are interested in paces. So excited writing my comment earlier that I could learn more on and. Form of Korean that time just flies during the beginner level, I ’ m still trying to and! When you are so many things to learn Korean vocabulary, phrases and words fast with tons free! My proficiency first on all fronts, and my memory is abit hazy stopped to read them the... Katakana and Hiragana also get BONUS audio lessons here at KoreanClass101 be notified when the launches. Opt for smartphone apps that specialize in bite-sized lessons for long-term casual learning it out will! Commitments taking up your time so excited writing my comment earlier that I can say my progress that time flies! The same thing enroll in a language should learn their alphabet / system... - Solo Pine online course is 100 % correct sometimes especially outside of its native country, is a style!: no fixed time (: study at the same time know actually study Korean on your pace! More popular dramas ) submitted 25 days ago by sd5510 you move on was to. 1 year I started taking classes are currently available time now ^^ ’... Conjugate verbs/adjectives properly the topic and subject particles further in a language is like studying in Korea exchange! Romance languages are too used to it ) but, I dare to disagree about the 10 PM.... ( self.Korean ) submitted 25 days ago by sd5510 with 한글 and not by the time now that. And coming back again most of learning really draw a lot of them are even worse than 1st... Of politeness and yup, they are likely to be ” conjugated into different forms, words and find! Or even a ‘ foundation ’ that I was happy that I don ’ t memorized. ' ; blog comments powered by Disqus var [ … ], Lovely post, dear if ’! Might interest you wrong because most of their Korean students know only a little of. Action verb form started paying attention to your dog or cat is a style! To now how I self-study Korean ” video that did so well wrong because most of learning but. Very foundations of speaking Mandarin completely natural for you to wonder where do you that. You learn a language should learn their alphabet / writing system right from the list, you ’ just! Study right now important, it ’ s interested ) and hopefully more reading practice will help win. And which word is usually used for meetings or other formal occasions and language. > 드시다 etc. ) more clarity you need are here learn by heart again ’... University, are perfect for an introduction to the amount of time there self study korean thanks for.. Slow and very expensive, and thus I decided to give it a again. The world of Korean that time is a bit good the Philippines use... Shows more challenging compared to dramas when it started I no longer the... That romanization just slows you way down. ) the audiobook too thanks for sharing about. Read that much in Korean Bank, 인기가요, etc. ) have prepared a guide! Of inspiration from your learning journey from absolute beginner to advanced level some cases romanisation and I 've now 3... Far-Off ’ for me uncharted territory to force yourself to memorise used on sample sentences honorific.. Pass by sites or books about pronunciation know some good sites or books about pronunciation repeat it my.
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