In God of Struggle (2018), Nornir Chests are one of those collectible which are tracked in all of the areas you’ll discover. Dodge out of the way of this one. It’s undeniably tough going, but you’ll get a real sense of satisfaction when you finally make it through. We’ll also be going in order of which boss you fight, from Chapter 1: The Marked Trees and onward. God of War is a third person action-adventure video game developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Or … In order to properly work, the Bifröst needs to be imbued with Alfheim's Light. God of War - Ringed Temple Trench puzzle and how to defeat the Stone Ancient boss A walkthrough for the second part of the Alfheim God of War story mission, a The Light of Alheim. You’ll want to dodge this too as shielding the first hit will cause you to be hit by the second. ;) That was recorded after maybe 40 tries of this boss on the hardest difficulty. The Elves' artistic architecture includes their unique light crystals, sapphire colored stones fueled by the Light of Alfheim that are plugged to structures in order to create bridges mades of solid light. Svartaljofurr is an absolute menace because of his flying abilities and darkness moves. Welcome to the 8th installment in the God of War franchise and the sequel to God of War III. Here on this page, we'll take you through everything you need to … God of War is full of surprises, and that makes guides particularly tricky to write. Taking on Svartáljǫfurr is no laughing matter, and he’ll come at you relentlessly from the start. With the full suite at his disposal, Svartáljǫfurr is a truly formidable opponent. The key to winning this fight is to make sure you avoid any of the blinding attacks while you hammer away at the boss. They are the most powerful attacks in the game and have a cooldown period. Try to dodge this when you can, as blocking it will leave you open to further attacks. Knock Svartáljǫfurr down to 50% health and he’ll introduce a new set of attacks. Tips and tricks to help you beat the mighty Dark Elf King in God of War. Taking on Svartáljǫfurr is no laughing matter, and he’ll come at you relentlessly from the start. (Hold your horses now, did you already beat the Stone Ancient? How to Defeat All Bosses in God of War. It’s pretty awesome, and worth it just for the quick animation alone. Now this is where things get tricky. Home Guides God of War (PS4 - 2018) Thank you for printing this page from We promise to handle your information in line with our privacy policy. These chests are very rare. The main thing to watch out for is a heavy swing attack that deals a huge amount of damage. A leader of the Vanir Gods, Freyr, is noted to have a long history with the Elves, and because he took their side in the long-raging war, the Vanir was appointed as the absolute leader of the Light Elves. The other danger is a faster, two-stage spinning attack. After the lengthy, memorable fight, the Dark Elf King will finally fall and you’ll be able to claim your reward of a sweet cutscene and a trove of goodies to collect. December 31, 2018 Gaming Leave a comment 1 Views. Confess your love of Super Smash Bros. via email at, or catch him on Twitter. Most of them are drops by bosses or they are found in legendary chests (the golden ones). Ultimate Edited: December 20, 2018 at 11:42 PM. One of the lands in … (Hold your horses now, did you already beat the Stone Ancient? WHY THE HP REGEN AT FULL LIFE EXPLAINED BELOW! Over longer ranges, Svartá… Keep Kratos fully upgraded with these Nornir chest locations in God of War — special puzzle chests you can only open by smashing a trio of seals. Your best bet is to dodge backwards and hold your distance as they’ll self-detonate after a few seconds. If you’ve struggled with any of the bosses up to this point then ooh boy are you in for a whale of a time with Svartáljǫfurr. Here is a guide on how to beat the Dark Elf Svartaljqfurr which can be pretty challenging on the higher difficulty setting. If you’re hit by this attack then you’ll be blinded, which will make the whole shebang a lot more difficult. The other danger is a faster, two-stage spinning attack. This site uses cookies to provide enhanced features and functionality.
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