Oh boy. At least it allows a carry on. Instead of paying the $25 check-bag fee, I'll upgrade to economy for $20. United Airlines; Search “United Basic Economy” Review of United Airlines. United basic economy update I brought on my 30L 13in x 8in x 24.8in backpack which is considerably larger than what they allow. r/Flights is a part of the r/travel community primarily focusing on flights, airlines, airports, frequent flyers, and general flying information. Should I instead do check bag since it's also 25$? You have no say over where you or your travel companions sit (your seat will be assigned at check-in); You can NOT bring a large carry-on bag. All of those fees were returned after each flight! I saw several people at the airport the other day who did not realize that United's basic economy only allowed a … ", It's pretty strictly enforced. Basic Economy. Randy B. Vista, United States. I'm going to guess if you bring a personal item that clearly won't fit under your seat they will force you to check it. Basic Economy and carry on bag. (These days, it seems “basic economy” is defined as no seat selection, which is already a thing, no changes and no boarding.) People want unreasonably priced cheap fares, so they have to live with the consequences. People buying basic economy tickets will also have a reduced opportunity to earn miles. If you want to take a bag larger than a personal item you must check it. The United Basic Economy carry-on luggage allowance is not very generous, and United Airlines are pretty strict at enforcing their rules. All employees were forced to take a lesson about it. Overhead bins are off-limits to Basic Economy ticketholders on United Airlines starting in 2017. American changed its policy in September 2018 and now allows a free carry-on in addition to a personal item to all destinations. United also sells a basic and an economy fare for every seat on a flight, he said, unlike current practice at American and Delta, which appear to have fewer of the rock-bottom fares available. If you're traveling on a Basic Economy ticket, you can only bring one personal item on board. Get answers to your questions . This card gets you a free checked bag on every United flight – along with a bag for one companion booked on the same reservation.It will also override the basic economy restrictions for carry-on bags … It says that. I'm not a United … Your message. For the first leg of the trip, stopping in Texas, I paid $5 to choose my seat, and I paid $9 for the second leg that got me to AK. I went straight back to my corporate travel agency and had them void the ticket. The United Explorer Credit Card from Chase can be a powerful weapon to beat these basic economy fares.. Everyone except for basic economy passengers I have never been bothered about my carryon.. Cookies help us deliver our Services. In fact, it’s an art, which is why we have created a detailed guide on how to pack everything inside a personal item . (https://www.united.com/web/en-US/content/travel/inflight/basic-economy.aspx) I understand I won't be able to bring a rolling suitcase, but a duffel bag could hypothetically fit under my seat. Nothing can be put in the overhead and not only must it fit under the seat, but the dimensions are smaller than many laptops, more the size of notebooks. Airline group suggests smaller standard for carry-ons. No self selection of seating (seats are assigned the day of the flight at the discretion of the airline), no guarantee you and your family will sit together, no use of the overhead bin, mandatory bag (yes carry on sized luggage that fits in the overhead bin must be checked for a fee, AND you are the last group to board. MileagePlus members will earn full Premier qualifying dollars, 50% Premier qualifying miles and 0.5 Premier qualifying segments for each flight, as well as 100% lifetime miles and in full toward the four-segment minimum. United Airlines hopes to debut its Basic Economy fares in Minneapolis and they could go on sale as soon as the first quarter of this year, according to company president Scott Kirby. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You're not allowed a full-sized carry-on bag unless you're a MileagePlus Premier member or companion traveling on the same reservation, the primary cardmember of a qualifying MileagePlus credit card or a Star Alliance™ Gold member. I almost never fly United Airlines, and a recent redye in basic economy in the last row of a 737 Next Generation reminded me why. I was planning to have a carry on but now costs 25$ since my ticket is Basic Economy. If you buy a Basic Economy ticket and bring a carry-on that doesn’t fit under a seat, you’ll have to pay $25 to check it. I'd rather book elsewhere than upgrade with United. This Category has a disregard for the consumer. When you search for airfare on American, Delta, or United Airlines, you're likely to be offered three different options. My bag was full but not stuffed. My back pack fit underneath the seat in front of me. I actually saved $1000 on the tickets using basic economy, so spent $25 x 4 each way for advanced seat assignments. Basic Economy and carry on bag. While United’s new basic economy fare could save you $40 – 60 per round trip flight (and only if you don’t pay to check a bag), traveling on a basic economy fare means not being able to check in online in advance (unless you check a bag), and earning significantly fewer base miles and zero premier qualifying miles. You have to check your bag, you can not bring a carry on period. It's about 2 weeks before I fly, can I do that now? Instead, this budget ticket only permits … With a 22-25L bag I have not had a problem, but look … I have had the same samsonite shoulderbag for many years, it can get pretty big sometime, heavy aswell. How strict is United on personal item size? From the UA Basic Economy page, this might be useful: <